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Yosemite’s Mariposa Grove Reopens to the Public

The Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoia reopens following an ambitious, multiyear restoration effort to preserve these majestic trees and enhance the visitor experience.

Posted: 07.02.2018


Happy Park(ing) Day! Feeling nautical? Seas the day and create a community mural with us, color by color. Mithun’s ocean-themed parklet, “Kelp Us Sea it Through,” is open at Seattle’s Pier 57 until 4pm TODAY. Come join in the fun!

Posted: 09.21.2018


Leaping Toward the PHIUS+2015 Standard

North American Passive House Conference

Boston, MA



Nordic Museum received a 2018 AIA Washington Council Civic Design Citation Award! The design jury complimented the quality of light in the museum and how it plays across the faceted planes of the central Fjord Hall, highlighting the reverence for natural light shared by the Pacific Northwest and Nordic regions. Photo: @brucedamonte

Posted: 09.19.2018


We recently checked out the fabrication progress on precast concrete panels for the @UCIrvine Middle Earth Expansion. It was fantastic to collaborate with Coreslab on creating the folded planes and variation in this façade. Utilizing storytelling through materiality, the articulated residential towers emerge from a landform base, echoing the character and shadows of the surrounding region’s dramatically exposed and layered sandstone cliffs. Photos: Chip Hammer, Image: Plompmozes

Posted: 09.18.2018