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Anne Torney Honored for Residential Design Excellence

2018 Marvin Design Award winner Anne Torney is inspired by affordable housing’s ability to create social change.

Posted: 09.07.2018


Weyerhaeuser Headquarters is featured in Office Snapshots! The office design celebrates timber in diverse forms, paying respect to the raw material, pioneer history and working forests. Check out the image gallery at https://officesnapshots.com/2018/11/27/weyerhaeuser-offices-seattle/ Photo: @k7scott

Posted: 11.28.2018


HIVE Dean Presentation – Design


Austin, TX



Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Mithun! Photo: Juan Hernandez

Posted: 11.22.2018


Situated in the forested slopes of the Summit Bechtel Reserve, the Sustainability Treehouse is a unique icon of environmental stewardship that redefines the relationship between building and landscape. The towering 125-foot steel frame connects visitors with panoramic views of the ground, tree canopy and sky. Ascending indoor and outdoor platforms, visitors learn about sustainable design and ecology through immersive experiences and hands-on exhibits. Photos: Joe Fletcher

Posted: 11.19.2018