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Anne Torney Honored for Residential Design Excellence

2018 Marvin Design Award winner Anne Torney is inspired by affordable housing’s ability to create social change.

Posted: 09.07.2018


Material Health in Affordable Housing: A Team Approach

Health Product Declaration Collaborative

Portland, OR



Our Los Angeles team recently “hung out” after work at #cliffsofid. Fun times!

Posted: 05.03.2019


Thank you, @landarchmag for your fantastic cover article about the restoration of Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias at Yosemite National Park! “Mithun’s intervention has rationalized and calmed the logistics of a visit, added accessible trails, and provided formerly missing services. It has repaired the natural hydrology. Distance, perspective—the grove as a whole—are conveyed now, by the opening of long views, establishment of strategic lookouts, even installation of ‘leaning benches’ whose backs are canted low so you can gaze up into the canopy without hurting your neck. Individual sequoias still impress with their lofty height and elephantine girth, their room-sized hollows, their great age.” Check out the March issue to learn about these majestic trees, and changes made to protect them while enhancing the visitor experience. Photos: Christian Runge, Susan Olmsted

Posted: 04.26.2019