Greener Belltown = Bluer Sound Workshop


Seattle 2030 District

Seattle, WA


Jason King

Date & Time:

08.02.2017 | 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Join Mithun’s Jason King for the Greater Greener Belltown = Bluer Sound Workshop, which brings people together to shape the future of green infrastructure in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle in order to slow stormwater and protect Puget Sound.

Presentations will cover the efforts of Project Belltown, Growing Vine Street, the Waterfront Plan, City of Seattle, The Nature Conservancy and Seattle 2030 District. A map of stormwater opportunity sites will be shared that was developed by the first workshop’s local and national participants. Attendees will participate in interactive exercises that explore how green stormwater impacts Belltown’s buildings, streets and public spaces. In October, the final workshop will build on ideas from previous workshops and a stormwater plan for Belltown’s buildings, streets and public spaces will be outlined.

Date Posted: 08.02.2017