Sustainable Strategies for Every Museum


Building Museums Symposium 2019

New York, NY


Richard Franko

Date & Time:

02.28.2019 | 3:30 pm-4:45 pm

Join Mithun partner Rich Franko for “Sustainable Strategies for Every Museum,” a discussion of specific green building strategies for museums, including reviews of the building site and architecture, environmental and mechanical control systems, lighting and human factors. Using case studies that address new and older facilities, panelists will present innovative and practical measures that reduce a museum’s carbon footprint while still respecting its critical operational and preservation goals. Attendees will discuss and learn about the range of compromises that must be evaluated to implement sustainable practices and policies within the limitations and realities of their existing facility and budget. This session includes an overview of the past winners of AAM’s Sustainable Excellence Award and a presentation by the 2018 winner for the SEA Facilities/Site and Operations Category.

Rich’s co-panelists include Missouri Historical Society / Missouri History Museum facilities and sustainability coordinator Angela Moore and Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island Park Service Museum Services Division Chief Diana Pardue. The session will be moderated by Pacific Consulting facilities consultant Michele Pacifico.

Date Posted: 02.28.2019