Parklets: Sustainability, One Parking Space at a Time


YMCA Earth Service Corps Environmental Symposium

Seattle, WA


Maren McBride

Date & Time:

03.29.2019 | 12:15 pm–1:05 pm

Mithun landscape architect and urban designer Maren McBride is presenting “Parklets: Sustainability, One Parking Space at a Time,” an introduction to small parks, or “parklets”, and their role in Seattle as community connectors and urban green space. Students (grades 8-12) will have the opportunity to design their own temporary parklets, build small-scale versions, and learn how they can use design thinking to create more sustainable and enjoyable streets for their communities.

Maren is co-presenting with Weber Thompson landscape architect Burton Yuen, and Nussbaum Group’s Phil VanDevanter will lead the workshop.

Date Posted: 03.29.2019