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Daniel Solomon, FAIA


Daniel Solomon, FAIA - Partner at Mithun
Dan is an architect and urban designer whose 42-year career combines achievements in professional practice with academic pursuits of teaching and writing. A Partner and Design Principal, he brings extensive experience and expertise to the design of integral affordable housing and urban infill projects. His commitment to urban repair and the construction and reconstruction of urban neighborhoods also extends beyond his project work. He is a co-founder of the Congress for the New Urbanism, an organization that has helped shape the contemporary practice of community design.

Dan lectures regularly at universities and conferences. His projects have been published in architectural journals worldwide and have been recognized with more than one hundred awards. He is author of many articles, three books (ReBuilding, Global City Blues, and Cosmopolis), and an e-book, Bedside Essays for Lovers (of Cities).

Dan was twice named to Architectural Digest's 100 Foremost Architects worldwide. He has been recognized with honors including the Seaside Prize for contributions to American Urbanism, the Maybeck Award from AIA California Council for lifetime achievement in design, and the Silver SPUR award for outstanding civic contributions. In 2008 he was named Housing Hero by the San Francisco Housing Action Coalition.

For more information about Dan Solomon and his life’s work, explore his virtual monograph.