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Bike to Work Day, Week, Month!

05.15.2009 Mithun, Thought Bursts,

May is National Bike to Work Month, Monday May 12th heralded Bike to Work Week and today we’ve arrived at the epicenter of work-related cycling frenzy. It’s Bike to Work Day!

What better time for REI (aside: check out Mithun’s REI projects) to release their new iPhone/iTouch application: Bike Your Drive? It uses the device’s GPS to log and save your trips and then reports your total mileage, average speed, and approximate gas and C02 saved from not driving. Cool tool! See more tips and tools below.

Once again, Mithunees in Seattle have split into teams (like Pier Pressure, Rolling Green and Merckxiful) to compete in Cascade Bicycle Club’s 2009 Commute Challenge sponsored by GroupHealth. We’ve logged over 750 miles so far and we’re only half way through the month. The bike racks at both Mithun offices are always hopping, and we also have dedicated bikes in both offices for site visits and errand transportation. We figured there would be a lot of staff with bike-fever to answer a quick poll…here’s what they said:

Sustainable Workplace

Mithun designers biking to work in a video about Mithun's sustainable workplace measures

Mithun staff (“Mithunees”) bike-commuting to work in the Sustainable Workplace video here.

What is your favorite thing about biking to work?

  • "Arriving to work alert, refreshed, reinvigorated, and reconnected with the world around me."
  • "It’s a great excuse to wear shorts to work."
  • "I was able to sell a car and get rid of those related costs (insurance, loan, fuel, maintenance) that I no longer needed by bussing and biking to work year around."
  • "Not waiting for the bus. 1 minute late = 1 minute late, not 30 minutes late because you missed a bus."
  • "Spandex…also my least favorite thing."
  • "Having a really good base tan exposure, for a really weird tanning pattern."
  • "Clearing my head from all thoughts except ‘stay upright, stay upright, stay upright, don’t get hit’."
  • "Waiting on the Ballard Bridge and watching the boats go by underneath."
  • "Riding through the locks when the sockeye are running."
  • "Having riders on the road that are actually slower than me, so I can pass someone, for a change."
  • "Watching the stillness or whitecaps on the water, waiting to see if the mountains will be majestic or covered in clouds, watching the birds soar around, enjoying the fresh air, ripping down the hill, greeting fellow bikers in passing."
  • "Being on your own schedule ~ waiting for no one!"
  • "It beats work." [Editor’s Note: What!?!]
  • "My wife thinks I am a stud…"

Bike Commuting Tips & Tools

  • Biking Resources - the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition offers urban bike training, advice on biking with kids, biking law, maps, and more!
  • Bike Your Drive - REI’s portal offers how-to videos and articles such as ‘Helmet basics’, ‘How to walk your bike with one hand’ and ‘Riding uphill,’ as well as an online calculator that tabulates the calories you burn and dollars you stretch with every mile you bike.
  • Green Bikes Project - need more incentive? The Green Bike Project (GBP) will provide participants with a new commuter bike – or a tune up for their existing bike - in return for their pledge to reduce drive-alone commuting by 60% during the project.
  • - Plot your bike rides over mountains (view elevation), through the woods (topo maps), and speeding through the city (street level views) with just a few mouse clicks. Once your cycling map is complete you can quickly view it in 3D, satellite form, or share it with friends.
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