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Intelligent Cities Forum

05.10.2011 Mithun, Bert's Blog,

The National Building Museum in Washington, DC is hosting the Intelligent Cities Forum on Monday, June 6, 2011. Over the last year, the National Building Museum’s Intelligent Cities Initiative has brought together a wide range of thought leaders. As an Advisory Committee member, it has been a great opportunity to discuss how our rapidly accelerating ability to collect and display information will affect the design and management of cities.

This subject has been a high interest here at Mithun since our architects, interior designers, urban designers, planners and landscape architects use Building Information Modeling (BIM) to design all our projects. The intelligent BIM model dynamically computes cost, material consumption, leasable area and energy footprint. It enables us to quickly understand the impact of design choices and share them with our clients, consultants and contractor partners.

BIM is an effective tool for analyzing the building scale, neighborhood scale, campus scale, and the city scale. At the city scale, our BIM model of the central business district for the City of Bellevue, Washington will allow swift and iterative real-time visualization, simulation and analysis of this changing city. The BIM city model can be used as a platform to simulate zoning and growth scenarios, comprehensive planning, infrastructure development, mass transit alternatives, design guideline implementation and dynamic environmental forces such as the wind and sun.

The structural format of the Intelligent Cities Initiative is also based upon scale and organized around home, neighborhood, community, city, region and country. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this ordering arrangement is that it contains both neighborhood and community. At the level of the built environment, neighborhood and community seem the same. But if one expands the term community to the social networks that hold us together, be they interest, beliefs, or values, one can see how an “Intelligent City” can move beyond the physical world. Community may be the most important increment in fact, as it is only through all of us working together as a community, will be truly be able to make our cities better.

For information about speakers and session topics or to view the forum agenda visit

Intelligent Cities from National Building Museum on Vimeo.

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