Community Rises with Mass Timber

Wadajir Market and Residences

Tukwila, WA

Innovating Modular Mass Timber

Wadajir uses carbon-smart cross laminated timber (CLT) modular technology to create attainable family housing in a region of rapid population growth and escalating housing prices. Prefabricated modules, with a standardized set of unit configurations, will be built off-site using timber harvested renewably from local forests.

Expediting Attainable Housing

The project addresses gentrification and displacement at the center of a vibrant East African immigrant community threatened by rapid redevelopment. At the street level, Wadajir features a souq market hall for small, community-based businesses. The upper floors offer an abundance of family-sized units available for cooperative ownership at attainable prices.

Benefitting People and Environment

The building’s innovative mass timber modular system, which emphasizes the use of CLT structural elements, utilizes sustainably harvested timber and helps generate jobs in rural Washington. Exposed timber within the building brings biophilic benefits to residents and market visitors. Healthy materials, energy and water efficiency, and a Salmon-Safe certified facility contribute to a community looking to the future.

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