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Chatham University Eden Hall Campus


Located on a century old farm perched among fields on a hillside, this project will be the first sustainable university campus built from the ground up. The design of this campus employs sustainable technology rooted in the principles of permaculture, biophilia and integrated watershed planning. All buildings on campus are being designed to net zero energy standard with individual buildings slated for LEED Platinum, Living Building or Passive House certifications with a target average EUI of 20. The landscape will incorporate SITES best practices and advanced green infrastructure systems such as raingardens, constructed wetlands, composting toilets, geo-exchange systems, food production and aquaculture systems. Mithun is providing architecture, landscape architecture and interior design for the first phase of the campus which includes the design and construction of the EcoCenter, a renovated barn with a large multi-use assembly hall, gallery space, classrooms and offices; New Lodge housing for up to 100 students; a Cafe and Library; and a Field Lab with water treatment facilities, lab and classroom spaces and aquaculture systems.



  • 2015 AIA Pittsburgh Design Award, Engineering + Science: Award of Excellence


  • Client: Chatham University
  • Start: 2011
  • Size: 388 acre site; 110,000 sf, 30 acres phase 1
  • Certifications: Targeted for a combination of Living Building Challenge, Passive House, Net Zero Energy, LEED Platinum ratings and SITES.
  • Location: Richland Township, Pennsylvania