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Hubbard Homestead Park


New Green Heart – Mithun designed this new 3.7-acre park for the Northgate community, revitalizing an expanse of parking lot into much-needed green open space that functions as a neighborhood "front porch." Its proximity to Northgate Mall will create an important new connection for the multi-generational neighborhood. Designed to be a "park for all," Hubbard Homestead Park will include active spaces such as a play grove and skateboard area, as well as vital social connections for the many senior citizens residing close by. Project visioning incorporated extensive community outreach, including a CulturalAudit™ that revealed local perspectives.

The park design draws upon the site’s rich history and hydrological conditions. The locations of the historic spring and stream that once traversed the site now form an organizational spine through the park. The linear promenade and continuous water runnel follow this spine and connects to the entry plaza, play grove, multi-purpose lawn, skateboard area, wet meadows, and source stone. The spring’s gurgling flow once provided cool water and enjoyment on the Hubbard family homestead, but was paved over during the 1970’s to create a parking lot. Recalling the original spring is the source stone, set within a quiet, wooded precinct to provide an intimate experience that carries a sense of mystery and evokes the ideas of beginnings and origins.


Watch the CulturalAudit™ video.


  • Client:

    Seattle Parks and Recreation Department

  • Start: 2008
  • Size: 3.7 acres
  • Location: Seattle, Washington