New Path to Discovery

California Academy of Sciences: Islands of Evolution

San Francisco, CA

Collection Unveiled

Islands of Evolution journeys through time to decode our natural history. The exhibit showcases California Academy of Science’s unique specimen collection and evolutionary research studies from the Galapagos Islands and Madagascar within a new museum in Golden Gate Park.

Thrill of Discovery

In addition to authentic specimens, maps and diagrams, the galleries feature interactive games, optical devices and informative graphics to enhance and deepen visitor engagement. The immersive and multimedia experience invites patrons to investigate the collection, recreating the same path to discovery taken by the Academy's scientists.

Opening Doors

Concerns about seismic forces and environmental control within the naturally ventilated facility had restricted display of the Academy’s extensive collections. To address these challenges and aid in the museum's conservation practice, new display cases prevent pest infestation and mold growth, and ensure structural integrity—expanding display opportunities and shining a new light on fossils that had been buried for centuries.

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