Once and Future Park

Hubbard Homestead Park

Seattle, WA

Expressing Hidden Water Flows

Boyhood stories about the site’s spring and stream from the land donor, Mr. Hubbard, inspired the park’s design. A water runnel connects the entry plaza with a conifer grove. Recalling the now buried spring is the ‘source stone,’ public artwork intended to evoke mystery and ideas of origin.

A Park for All

The Northgate neighborhood is diverse in race, age and income. The park program and design evolved with a rigorous community engagement process. The dialogue between neighbors debunked myths, for example, whether seniors and skateboarders could co-exist. 

Open Space Framework

The park is the major open space in the Northgate Framework Plan (also by Mithun), which identifies a series of connected park spaces and improved pedestrian and bike ways for the traditionally car-oriented neighborhood. Designated as an urban village, Northgate will soon have a transit station, increasing access to the park. 

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