The Changing Tech Workplace

Large Technology Company Offices

Silicon Valley, CA

Supporting Diverse Work Styles

This technology workplace responds to the complex needs of a diverse user group, and delivers flexibility to support evolving team size and activities over time. Spaces are carefully tuned to accommodate focus, learning, social and collaborative work styles. Adjustable furnishings allow a variety of work postures, supporting individual choice and comfort.

Workplace Transformation

Adapting a 1980’s-era office building into a high performing workplace for a leading technology company required a number of strategic interventions. New skylights and windows transform the space through increased natural daylight. Updated HVAC, lighting and control systems utilize the latest, and most efficient technologies. Strict adherence to non-toxic, low-VOC standards promotes employee wellness and performance.

Mission Critical Implementation

To meet an aggressive schedule that required design-to-occupancy in only eight months, the design and construction team worked in concert and with the local municipal jurisdictions to successfully expedite approvals

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