Parking as Urban Experience

Polyclinic Garage and Streetscape

Seattle, WA

Working with Terrain

Stepping along the hillside and occupying a full city block, this parking structure and surface lot merge with terrain to conceal the bulk of the garage. Generous planters and rain gardens ring the development, bringing human scale and natural materials to sidewalks.

Mending a Scar

While meeting The Polyclinic’s need for parking, this project also restores a neglected urban site. The jumble of curb cuts, chainlink fences and abrupt grade drops that constituted the former surface parking lot are replaced by parking terraces with pedestrian-oriented edges and colorful screens.

Enhancing the Neighborhood

The top parking deck steps back from the street to make room for a tree alley that frames views of downtown and provides a leafy canopy for neighbors strolling through. Pocket parks inserted at the corners of the garage structure offer seating and public art. Car-centered by nature, this development greatly improves human experience.

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