Iconic Connection to Nature

Sinclair Pavilion

Pasadena, CA

Operable Space

An extension of Art Center’s sculpture garden, the entire pavilion is open to nature, capturing breezes and views of downtown Pasadena and the San Gabriel mountains. A number of moving analog components introduce students to mechanical principles—the foremost being an immense moving window which can be hand-cranked to enhance ventilation or provide shelter, a rotating exhibit gallery door with display surface, and an upward-pivoting gull-wing door.


The design process began with a charrette with students and faculty to define goals for the pavilion’s program. The rich dialogue prioritized light and airy spaces, a range of hang-out spaces to encourage student interaction, student exhibition areas and a stage for impromptu performances.

Assemble and Unwind

The Sinclair Pavilion provides much-desired amenities and a relaxed setting for interaction among students of various disciplines as a natural complement to the enclosed and fixed workspaces of the existing classroom building.

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