Kinetic Transformation

California Institute of the Arts Wild Beast Pavilion

Valencia, CA

Celebrating Musical Representation

Wild Beast combines attributes of a fine musical instrument with an ensemble of kinetic and structural innovations, capable of rapid transformation from an enclosed recording studio into an outdoor performance shell. Its form and materials celebrate musical genres represented by the school curriculum.

Inspirational Experience

CalArts' ability to inspire the performances of its conservatory-trained musicians is paramount. In response, the Wild Beast Pavilion frames the individual soloist in recital mode and acts as a generous forestage to accommodate the Institute's Gamelon concerts. The audience is welcomed with casual seating, terraced steps and a balcony for receptions.

Campus Gateway

Clad in copper-hued shingles and nestled into the berm that shapes the entry to CalArts, the Wild Beast is an iconic gateway to campus. With a simple, lyrical form that contrasts with the mass of an adjacent megastructure, its acoustically resonant form features simple design solutions to enhance performance in functional and aesthetically rewarding materials.

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