Design-Build and the Landscape Architect’s Changing Role


2019 Annual WASLA Conference

Tacoma, WA


Dorothy Faris

Date & Time:

03.22.2019 | 10:15 am–11:15 am

Join Mithun principal Dorothy Faris for “Design-Build and the Landscape Architect: How alternative project delivery methods are changing the role of the landscape architect in the Designer, Contractor, Owner relationship” for different perspectives from within the region’s Design-Build industry, an overview of alternative delivery methods currently in practice, benefits and challenges of the Design-Build process based on panelists’ experiences, and a discussion on how the shift to Design-Build impacts the design process.

Dorothy’s co-presenters include Site Workshop principal Vinita Sidhu, Lease Crutcher Lewis project executive Brian Aske and SiteWorks regional director John Payne.

Date Posted: 03.22.2019