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Louisiana Children’s Museum Wins 2022 AIA COTE Top Ten Award

This national honor recognizes the project’s integration of design excellence and environmental performance to deliver social, economic and ecological value.

Posted: 04.22.2022


Graduate Student Housing: Bringing More Life to the Living Experience

SCUP Annual Conference

Long Beach, CA



How Growth Can Benefit Community: Kirkland’s Groundbreaking Station Area Plan for NE 85th

The City of Kirkland’s new NE 85th Street Station Area Plan addresses one of the biggest issues facing cities throughout the region: how to encourage growth that provides housing, jobs and community amenities while celebrating and supporting the people and the places that are there today.



Happy #PrideMonth! Join us in celebrating our LGBTQIA+ communities, and standing in solidarity with our colleagues, friends and partners against discrimination and for justice throughout the year. We all live more freely when all identities are celebrated. We’d also like to spotlight a current Mithun R+D study being led by three designers exploring an approach to gender inclusive design practice and the creation of built environments, free from the harmful gender binary. Kelsi Kaczmarek (they/them), Claire Joseph and Jake Minden (he/him) apply an integrated process to this research from their respective disciplines of Interior Design, Architecture and Landscape Architecture. Stay tuned for more information about the team’s findings. Illustration by Kelsi Kaczmarek.

Posted: 06.24.2022


Layers of Listening: Community Voices in Design of Affordable Housing

San Francisco Design Week

San Francisco, CA