1180 4th Street Featured in the San Francisco Chronicle

Date Posted: 02.27.2015

San Francisco Chronicle

At the gateway of San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood, the corner of 4th and Channel Streets demanded a richly articulated building to set the standard for the development to follow in this unusually young district. Together with Kennerly Architecture & Planning, Mithun was hired by Mercy Housing to take on this challenge that carries civic obligation.

Writer John King calls 1180 Fourth Street “perhaps the most satisfying residential piece” of Mission Bay. “Architecturally, the six-story wedge of 150 apartments adds an assertive spark in a young district with too many boilerplate buildings. At ground level it’s engaging, a pleasure even before the generous retail spaces are filled. There’s a social payoff as well: The units are reserved for low-income families, adding youth to the neighborhood scene.”

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