Connectivity between Campus and City is Enhanced at University of Washington Terry and Maple Halls

Date Posted: 09.04.2015

The Urbanist

Mithun’s design of new spaces benefitting pedestrians and bicyclists is featured in The Urbanist.

Opening this Fall, University of Washington Terry and Maple halls will provide housing, amenity and student-focused open spaces for more than 1,100 undergraduate students in an urban environment. In response to the site’s conditions, Mithun enhanced pedestrian circulation and connectivity through the design of two large public plazas and upgrades to Lincoln Way. “The change from only a few years ago is quite remarkable,” notes writer Stephen Fesler.

Terry and Maple halls honor the urban grid, integrating the campus into the fabric of its urban surroundings by creating better access between the residence halls and main campus, as well to the city and Lake Union. The new pedestrian-friendly environment encourages public transit and other alternative transportation methods, particularly walking and biking. The plazas and public pathways will also help to activate the city, fostering the connection between campus and community while providing amenities and a vibrant street life for students.