Puget Sound Green Infrastructure Summit Keynote


Puget Sound Green Infrastructure Summit

Seattle, WA


Jason King

Date & Time:

02.24.2016 | 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

The Puget Sound Green Infrastructure Summit brings diverse leaders from Puget Sound cities and towns together to map the strategic role of urban green infrastructure in our shared clean water future. The goals are to grow a powerful green infrastructure coalition, inspire innovative green solutions and envision a self-sustaining future for our region.

Mithun’s Jason King will provide the morning keynote focusing on design strategies in the creation of multi-functional spaces that optimize benefits – creating vibrant places, cleaning water, enhancing habitat, promoting economic development, enabling social justice and increasing resilience. The implementation of design thinking can inspire new ideas and collaboration in green infrastructure, and build on our regional history of innovation, which will solidify the Puget Sound as a leader for envisioning and implementing cutting-edge green ideas for cities.

Read more about ideas shared during Jason King’s keynote presentation.

Date Posted: 02.24.2016