Rising Leaders Panel: Leadership through Listening


Summit on Landscape Architecture and the Future

Philadelphia, PA


Tim Mollette-Parks

Date & Time:

06.11.2016 | 5:30 PM – 6:00 PM

Mithun Associate Principal Tim Mollette-Parks will join a panel of six emerging leaders in landscape architecture to discuss his vision and personal ‘declaration’ for the future of the design field at the Summit on Landscape Architecture and the Future in Philadelphia. Over two days, speakers will reflect on what landscape architecture has achieved over the last 50 years, present bold ideas for what it should achieve in the future, and engage in lively debate about realizing landscape architecture’s potential and effecting real world change.

The Summit marks 50 years since Ian McHarg and other leading landscape architects composed LAF’s seminal Declaration of Concern, which decried the burgeoning environmental crisis and heralded landscape architecture as critical to help solve it. Building on this legacy, this one-time historic gathering will culminate in a redrafting of the original 1966 Declaration of Concern and a landmark publication of the ideas presented.

Date Posted: 06.11.2016