Winning the Stormwater Game: Green Infrastructure Planning & Design


Cascadia Collaborative

Seattle, WA


Jason King

Date & Time:

06.15.2016 | 5:30 PM –7:30 PM

There is immense potential for green infrastructure to provide multiple benefits for project sites and the larger urban context. Join Mithun Landscape Architect Jason King for Winning the Stormwater Game: Green Infrastructure Planning & Design, an event at Mithun hosted by Cascadia Collaborative.

Jason will be joined by Chris Webb, Associate Engineer of Herrera and Matthew Combe, Program and Operations Director of the Seattle 2030 District. Panelists will discuss the larger benefits of green infrastructure systems, how to implement specific stormwater management techniques in LEED v4, and how vegetated stormwater facilities aid in maximizing additional benefits, including open space and habitat credits. To apply these concepts, attendees will get into teams and play Stormwater Game, a hands on interactive experience developed by Herrera based on the Seattle 2030 District Water Calculator.

Date Posted: 06.15.2016