WWJD: What Would Jane Jacobs Do?


SPUR Event

San Francisco, CA


John Ellis

Date & Time:

09.13.2016 | 6:00 pm

Jane Jacobs, the noted urbanist who became the icon of a community-first approach to city planning, would have turned 100 this year. Though she began her influential work more than a half-century ago, the ideals that she embodied are stronger than ever. Join Mithun Partner John Ellis for “WWJD: What Would Jane Jacobs Do?” a panel discussion hosted by SPUR on how the goals of Jane Jacobs have carried on through their work in shaping our cities.

John will be joined by a group of designers, advocates and planners including Anna Muessig, Gehl Studio; David Baker, David Baker Architects; Nic Rader, Snohetta; Randy Shaw, Tenderloin Housing Clinic and Kay Cheng, San Francisco Planning Department.

Date Posted: 09.13.2016