Policy Hackathon for Urban Regeneration in the Golden State



Los Angeles, CA


Sandy Mendler

Date & Time:

10.07.2016 | 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM

We have entered a new era of city building with dynamic and disruptive growth creating challenges and opportunities for policy makers. California, a state leading the country in energy efficiency for decades, now has aggressive zero energy building mandates, water efficiency targets, sea level rise mitigation plans, green and grey stormwater infrastructure projects and new transit infrastructure that all generate important opportunities.

Led by Mithun Principal Sandy Mendler, “Policy Hackathon for Urban Regeneration in the Golden State” will give attendees a chance to participate in a creative process to vision a new tool for urban regeneration. LEED has been a powerful force in driving innovation in green building design in California; however, design tools are not well aligned with the dynamic and evolving policy in California. This session will share in-depth research into the drivers behind innovative urban regeneration projects. Three “straw man” proposals for policy integration will be presented, and attendees will be invited to hack these and create new ideas.

Date Posted: 10.07.2016