Habits of High-Performance Firms

Date Posted: 04.10.2017

Architect Magazine

A new report from the AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE) reveals the best practices of leading design firms. “The Habits of High-Performance Firms” extends upon last year’s “Lessons from the Leading Edge,” a comprehensive study of two decades of AIA COTE Top Ten Award winners.

COTE’s analysis shows that of the 130 architecture firms that have won a Top Ten Award, 29 have won more than once and 17 have won three or more times; to date, Mithun has won five Top Ten Awards. This year’s report delves into the organizational structure, demographics, leadership and culture of 10 firms among those 17 high-performing practices to find the connection between great, sustainable projects and overall firm excellence.

Mithun participated in the study, contributing data and insights about our practice, process and performance. The results are informative and consistent with key values of our firm: a unified design studio structure, gender parity, shared mission and collaborative spirit founded on a process of inquiry and listening. Our design has purpose—to create positive change in people’s lives.

“[High-performance design] has to come from every team member. Every design team needs some sustainability direction, and the leadership in the firm needs to be engaged in helping drive teams towards it,” explains partner Rich Franko FAIA.

Interested in learning more? The current issue of Architect Magazine features report highlights and links to additional research studies.