Perot Corporate Campus Featured in Development Magazine

Date Posted: 12.21.2017

NAIOP Development Magazine

The latest issue of NAIOP Development Magazine features an in-depth profile, “The Perot Family’s New Corporate Headquarters: A Powerful Collaboration Between Architecture and Landscape,” with perspective from Mithun’s design team into the integrated design process and healthy workplace strategies at Perot Family Offices.

“The building serves as a powerful symbol of who we are and how we approach relationships and doing business,” says Ross Perot Jr., CEO of Hillwood. “We wanted to build a highly collaborative, healthy building for tomorrow’s generation of leaders that could shape and reinforce our culture.”

Nearly 45% of the building is shared space, with centralized circulation connecting diverse meeting spaces to create a Main Street atmosphere that encourages cross-pollination across teams and business units. The strategy is delivering results. The article explains, “In a survey taken a few months after they moved in, an overwhelming majority of employees agreed that the building facilitates collaboration and communication.”

While the new Perot family headquarters is a unique response tailored for this particular client and site, its design approach could be applied to many corporate campuses. By following this project’s guiding principles—connectivity to nature and fostering collaboration—all buildings have the potential to support organizational culture and employee health, express mission and values, and prove a worthy long-term investment.