Evolving Urban Industrial Areas for Equity and Resilience


EcoDistricts Summit

Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN


Sandy Mendler

Date & Time:

10.17.2018 | 10:30 am –12:00 pm

Join Mithun principal Sandy Mendler for “Evolving Urban Industrial Areas for Equity and Resilience,” to learn how industrial areas in coastal cities can be transformed into green industrial zones, with living infrastructure combined with productive uses. This session will share innovative ideas for creative transformation of industrial areas into healthy, productive, resiliency assets; explore the social equity benefits of green industrial zones; and introduce new tools that leverage resilient infrastructure investment to strengthen adjacent under-invested residential neighborhoods without displacement. The Mithun Home Team’s Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge project, ouR-HOME, will be a featured case study. Sandy’s co-presenters will be Sherwood Design Engineers founder and CEO Bry Sarte and Climate Change, Hatch principal  Alexis Robert.

Date Posted: 10.17.2018