Keeping Portland’s Charm Amid Growth and Development


SMPS Oregon

Portland, OR


Dorothy Faris

Date & Time:

11.14.2018 | 7:15 am—9:00am

Join Mithun principal Dorothy Faris for “The Path to 2035: A Discussion on Keeping Portland’s Charm Amid Growth and Development.” The event will explore how architects, developers, builders, and engineers can work together with the public and policy makers to help the city reach its full potential while still maintaining the heart and soul of what makes Portland, Portland. What responsibility do we have to our past and how do we balance that history with the need for new construction?

Dorothy’s fellow panelists include TVA Architects Associate Iain MacKenzie, City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability Senior City Planner Rachael Hoy, Holst Architecture’s Dave Otte, and Beam Development’s Brad Malsin. The panel will be moderated by Portland Business Journal Editor Suzanne Stevens.

Date Posted: 11.14.2018