The End of Walking?



San Francisco, CA


Anne Torney

Date & Time:

04.23.2019 | 6:00 pm-8:00 pm

With numerous door-to-door delivery services and near-immediate transportation options at our fingertips, walking 10 minutes to the bus stop can sometimes seem like a bridge too far to cross. However, many experts believe that the health of cities—and their residents—is directly tied to the opportunity to walk.

Join Mithun partner Anne Torney, UC Berkeley professor of city and regional planning Daniel Rodriguez, Lyft transit partnerships manager Calli Cenizal, San Francisco County Transportation Authority senior transportation planner Warren Logan and San Francisco Planning senior urban designer Paul Chasen for “The End of Walking?” Panelists will explore how we can encourage walking and biking, and the role that design and policy play in supporting active transportation.

Date Posted: 04.23.2019