Material Health in Affordable Housing: A Team Approach


Health Product Declaration Collaborative

Portland, OR


May So

Date & Time:

05.07.2019 | 6:00 pm-7:00 pm

Each building product and material used in construction has a direct impact on resident health and wellbeing. The aggregation of these effects on an individual can be significant, especially when considering vulnerable populations, such as those served by Affordable Housing.

Join Mithun senior associate May So, Transition Project’s Low-Income Single Adult Housing (LISAH) project manager Jennifer Sharp and Capitol Hill Housing senior design manager Jess Blanch for “Material Health in Affordable Housing: A Team Approach,” a discussion of how the Affordable Housing industry may better serve human health in their project development process. Panelists will explore the biggest opportunities and roadblocks, available tools and research, and how the industry can come together to holistically create new partnerships and streamline the process for those selecting materials.

Date Posted: 05.07.2019