Don’t Be Stoop-id: Building Community at the Public-Private Threshold


AIA Seattle Design Forum, Housing Transformations: Density Done Right

Seattle, WA


Reed Kelly

Date & Time:

05.20.2019 | 2:00 pm

Urban housing typically seeks to maximize interior square footages, bedrooms, bathrooms and amenities. In large-scale projects, the shared lobby and entry sequence is also given thoughtful consideration as a community space and public-private transition zone. However, in smaller-scale projects with individual exterior entries, or stoops, this interstitial space where public and private meet is frequently neglected.

Join Mithun architectural designer Reed Kelly for “Don’t Be Stoop-id: Building Community at the Public-Private Threshold,” a discussion of how stoops can be an integral building block in bridging the public-private divide, and can provide a low-barrier platform for connecting neighbors and building community. Reed will share how integrated architecture and landscape design, as well as thoughtful human-centric design, help stoops and neighborhoods succeed.

Date Posted: 05.20.2019