Decarbonizing and Electrifying Multifamily Housing


Getting to Zero National Forum

Oakland, CA


Hilary Noll

Date & Time:

10.10.2019 | 2:45pm-4:15pm

All-electric new construction can help communities realize a decarbonized building stock, while also working on weaning existing buildings off fossil fuels via electrification and renewables.

Join Mithun senior associate and sustainability integration leader Hilary Noll for “Decarbonizing and Electrifying Multifamily Housing” to explore the benefits of electric buildings and replicable paths for project implementation. Hilary and her co-presenters will share case studies that illustrate the benefits of electric buildings, as well as the challenges designers may face when taking on electrification. Attendees will learn about the cost of electrification and a scalable framework for going all-electric, including a design-practitioner assessment tool which is intended to optimize packages of energy efficiency strategies to achieve zero energy for the multifamily residential sector.

Hilary’s co-presenters include Nick Dirr, Nick Young and John Neal of the Association for Energy Affordability, and Miya Kitahara of StopWaste. Faith Graham, managing director of Network for Energy Water and Health in Affordable Buildings (NEWHAB), will moderate.

Date Posted: 10.10.2019