Building All Electric: What Will it Take?


Building the All Electric City Workshop

San Francisco, CA


Hilary Noll

Date & Time:

01.08.2020 | 2:45 pm-3:15 pm

Technology and design will play a leading role in decarbonizing energy. Many questions must be answered to ensure a successful transition. Implementing large-scale electrification and decarbonization will add new challenges while also presenting big new opportunities.

Join Mithun senior associate and sustainability integration leader Hilary Noll for “Building All Electric: What Will it Take?” to explore what technologies will play a role in designing all-electric buildings, and discuss market and regulatory barriers. The session is part of a half-day workshop hosted by Supervisor Rafael Mandelman and the San Francisco Department of Environment.

Hilary’s co-presenter is SmithGroup principal and engineering group lead Stet Sanborn.

Date Posted: 01.08.2020