Blurring Boundaries


AIA Los Angeles Creativity Conference 2020

Online Event


Craig Hodgetts

Date & Time:

09.29.2020 | 4:00 pm–7:00 pm

In this world of interdisciplinary dependence, it is nearly impossible to stay siloed in a profession and not acknowledge the impact and influence of other fields, directly or otherwise. Consider, for example, the impact that incorporating technology to create drawings has had on a project’s schedule, budget and even building methods. As the world continues to shrink with every passing day, we are being brought closer in ways we didn’t know was even possible, yet much more is still left unexplored and waiting. Who knows where our next inspiration is going to come from?

The AIA Los Angeles Creativity Conference 2020 aims at exploring those fading fringes, those boundaries around disciplines that are diffusing away into each other. As we march into the unknown excitement that awaits us, we invite pioneers from the fields of art, music, movie and fabric to take us on a journey of creativity, story-telling and stimulation.

Join Mithun partner Craig Hodgetts for Day 1 of the AIA Los Angeles Creativity Conference to explore various perspectives and approaches to the concept of creativity through professionals with little or no overlap with the field of interior architecture. Craig will moderate an inspired panel discussion with artist Tessa Papas and vocalist and songwriter Mayssa Karaa.

Date Posted: 09.29.2020