Transforming Building Delivery for Positive Change


Future of Prefabrication Symposium

Online Event


Rachel Himes

Date & Time:

03.12.2021 | 9:00 am–11:30 am (Pacific Time)

As the design and construction industry tackle global challenges of affordable housing and climate change, Forterra and Mithun have partnered to design and deliver attainable housing for local Washington state neighborhoods through a sustainable, innovative approach to construction. The projects develop a model for integrated design, fabrication and building delivery, with specific emphasis on material acquisition, assembly processes and fabrication, as well as vertical integration of design and construction. Volumetric modular construction and prefabrication methods continue to face scalability and adaptability challenges across various site conditions, programs, and schedules, but climate change and the affordable housing crisis continue to demand creative responses from our industry.

Join Mithun’s Rachel Himes for “Transforming Building Delivery for Positive Change” as part of the Start Ups and Disruption II symposium day to explore these approaches with the ability to define the livelihood of the next century and beyond. The presentation will feature current projects including the Wadajir Market and Residences, Darrington Wood Innovation Center and the Hilltop Attainable Housing and Businesses.

Rachel’s co-presenters include Michael Green Associates principal Michael Green, Equilibrium Consulting principal Eric Karsch, and Aspect Structural Engineers principal Andrew Chad. British Columbia Institute of Technology program head Jody Patterson and University of Northern British Columbia associate professor Guido Wimmers will moderate the discussion.

Date Posted: 03.12.2021