Collective Impact 2021


Online Event


Mat Kilivris

Date & Time:

05.12.2021 | 5:00 pm–7:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Hosted by Buro Happold, the 2021 Collective Impact speaker series tackles subjects from the climate crisis, resilience, health and wellness, and diversity and inclusion to equity, economy and environment and much more. We’ve assembled forward-thinking thought leaders for a discussion on our collective impact on Los Angeles and beyond.

Join Mithun’s Mat Kilivris for “Collective Impact 2021” to offer your insights and be part of the conversation to move us forward collectively. Mat’s co-presenters include Carmen Suero of Good Project Co., Colin Mangham of USGBC LA, fashion model Dajia Wilson, Erika Martin of USGBC LA, Jennifer Wong of CO Architects, Larry Santoyo of The Permaculture Academy, Laura Karnath of Walter P Moore, Max Levine of Nico The Neighborhood Investment Company, Patty Menjivar of Kleinfelder, Rachel Deradoorian of Buro Happold and Sona Gevorkyan of SGAO and AWA+D.

Date Posted: 05.12.2021