Centering Health and Social Equity in High Performing Design and Real Estate



San Diego, CA and On Demand


Erin Christensen Ishizaki

Date & Time:

09.21.2021 | 9:45 am–12:00 pm (Pacific Time)

High performing organizations across real estate practice are working to prioritize health and social equity as part of their ESG commitment. In the pursuit of resilience, health must be an imperative for all, not an amenity for few. However, many feel a gap between these ideals and industry guidance on how to operationalize them in projects.

Join Mithun partner Erin Christensen Ishizaki for “Centering Health and Social Equity in High Performing Design and Real Estate” to explore how promoting health equity presents an opportunity for both value creation and risk reduction within real estate. The diverse panel will share perspectives on emerging research on the state of the market and insights into how different sectors are prioritizing health and social equity across their portfolios and in individual projects.

In addition, the session will be used to crowdsource and further develop an emerging open source practice framework ‘Centering Equity’ to promote health and equity consistently and connect the dots throughout the entire project delivery cycle: pre-development, design and construction, and operations. In the spirit of continual improvement, the session will provide concrete guidance to tackle these pervasive and preventable issues affecting design and real estate to build back more resilient, inclusive communities.

Erin’s co-presenters include USGBC health research director Kelly Worden, Urban Ventures LLC president Susan Powers and Washington County Housing Services public health programs manager Rodolfo Rodríguez.

Date Posted: 09.21.2021