Tall Timber: Government, Code and Supply Side


Center for Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) International Conference

Chicago, IL


May So

Date & Time:

11.08.2021 | 9:50 am–11:20 am

As interest and investment in mass timber for tall building construction has grown, it has historically been challenging for local code authorities to keep pace with changes in the technology. Many fire codes, for example, are predicated on the fire performance of traditional stick-frame structures. However, with changes in the International Building Code (IBC); a mutual interest among developers, suppliers and government in reducing the building industry’s carbon footprint; and a growing urgency to reduce wildfires and drive sustainable development, numerous factors are emerging to make this a pivotal moment for mass timber in North America.

Join Mithun associate principal May So for “Tall Timber: Government, Code and Supply Side” to hear an up-to-the-minute briefing from top experts from the government, development and supplier communities.

May will chair the session, with presentations by USDA Forest Service Assistant Director – Wood Innovations Brian Brashaw, WoodWorks president and CEO Jennifer Cover, Spiritos Properties LLC principal Jeff Spiritos and Rotho Blaas USA Inc CEO Hannes Blaas.

Date Posted: 11.08.2021