JE:DI Won’t Save You, But Action Will


NOMA Unplugged

Nashville, TN


Michael Bryant

Date & Time:

10.27.2022 | 11:45 am–1:15 pm

At its core, the architecture profession is about empowering communities, enabling them to find joy and fulfillment through the built environment. As designers, one of the biggest challenges we face is a history of racist systems, policies and procedures that has disproportionately disadvantaged BIPOC (Black, indigenous, and people of color) communities. In order to repair past harm, AIA & NOMA Chapters are committed to identifying, naming and dismantling systemic discrimination within the architecture profession in order to nurture universal inclusion and fairness for the communities we serve. How do we effect real and lasting change toward JEDI within our practices and communities? How do we translate the momentum of local movements to larger regional and national communities?

Join Mithun associate Michael Bryant for “JE:DI Won’t Save You, But Action Will,” a panel that brings AIA Seattle JE:DI Council, AIA Oregon, NOMA and NOMA NW together into the conversation about how real collaborative work will increase the probability of expanding JEDI outreach and programs.

Michael’s co-panelists included Janiece L. Williams, Joshua A. Foster, Octavio Gutierrez and Michele Hill. Whitney Lewis will moderate the discussion. Leon Holloway and Susan Frieson were collaborators on the presentation.

AIA Seattle formed the JE:DI Council in 2020 to respond to continuing violence against BIPOC communities. By forging connections and collaborating across West Coast AIA chapters, they are expanding reach and impact with the goal of sparking a national conversation around meaningful actions that bring about justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in architecture. Three panelists, representing their respective EDI committees within AIA / NOMA will describe the JEDI work undertaken separately and, more recently, together, expanding to encompass identities beyond race.

Date Posted: 10.27.2022