Optimizing Facades for Building Performance: Light, HVAC, Energy & Materials



Seattle, WA


Claire McConnell

Date & Time:

12.02.2022 | 1:30 pm–2:30 pm

Façade design overlaps with a range of building performance metrics including daylighting and shading, energy use, thermal comfort and embodied carbon.

Join Mithun building performance analyst Claire McConnell for “Optimizing Facades for Building Performance: Light, HVAC, Energy & Materials,” a panel discussion exploring evidence-based design strategies and the tools and analysis used throughout project design to achieve high-performing building envelopes.

Claire’s co-panelists include McKinstry lead building performance analyst Tanvi Dhar and RDH principal building science specialist Kyle Silliker. NBBJ project architect Anne Yong will moderate the discussion.

Date Posted: 12.02.2022