Harnessing Rhino’s Automation Capabilities to Drive Firmwide Efficiency


Advancing Computational Building Design

Chicago, IL


Jason Steiner, Chris Reeh

Date & Time:

02.22.2023 | 9:50 am–10:30 am

Computational design is enabling better building design, faster and the race is on to improve workflows and train staff so computation can help achieve design objectives on every project. The sixth annual Advancing Computational Building Design conference will explore ways to overcome business hurdles to accelerate computation adoption, as well as the most cutting-edge use cases of how generative and parametric design have achieved design objectives and satisfied clients.

Join Mithun director of digital design Jason Steiner and associate Chris Reeh for “Harnessing Rhino’s Automation Capabilities to Drive Firm-Wide Efficiency,” a case study of the firm’s application of Rhino and Rhino Inside Revit to streamline processes and advance design quality. The presentation will address the importance of interoperability and compatibility of different tools, as well as how automation ensures coordination across the project team.

Date Posted: 02.22.2023