Centering Community in Transformative Models for Housing and Land Use


Housing California 2023

San Diego, CA


Hilary Noll

Date & Time:

03.28.2023 | 2:15 pm–3:30 pm

The value-add of neighborhood-based community development organizations cannot be overstated. Not only do these place-based organizations develop affordable housing, they also play a vital role in organizing local stakeholders, have longstanding and trusted relationships with the people in their neighborhoods, and resource community-led plans and planning policy efforts. This allows community to directly shape development at the neighborhood-scale with a proactive vision—and not just react to individual projects.

Join Mithun associate principal Hilary Noll for “Centering Community in Transformative Models for Housing and Land Use” to learn about three transformative models for housing and land use, centering community in conversations around housing and land use, looking beyond the typical ‘community engagement’ process to co-authorship of housing strategies. Presenters will describe strategies of working with local, regional and national movement building coalitions to integrate strategic efforts that build collective impact.

Hilary will moderate discussion by panelists including Morena Strategies founder and principal Rémy De La Peza, Urban Strategies Inc. director of marketing and communications Erika Wilson, and SV@Home executive director and Richmond LAND board member Regina Celestin Williams.

Date Posted: 03.28.2023