Lessons Regarding Post-Occupancy Performance of Mass Timber


International Mass Timber Conference

Portland, OR


Craig Curtis

Date & Time:

03.29.2023 | 1:15 pm–2:45 pm

Join Mithun partner and director of emerging building technologies Craig Curtis for “Lessons Regarding Post-Occupancy Performance of Mass Timber” to hear about recent research findings regarding biophilic classroom environments that support how student performance and physiological health may be positively impacted when surrounded by natural materials, such as wood. This Mithun R+D study, Building Better Schools, launched the development of a mass timber kit of parts platform for the design and construction of K6 schools.

As part of this session, Craig will also moderate discussion by panelists including Edward Running of FFA Architecture and Interiors, Katie Ritenour of KPFF Consulting Engineers, Hans-Erik Blomgren of Timberlab, and architect Scott Barton-Smith.

Date Posted: 03.29.2023