An Integrated Approach to Material Health in Affordable Housing


Parsons School of Design Healthy Materials Lab

Online Event


Hilary Noll, Annie Rummelhoff, Tammy Lee, Taylor Tessmer-Mogan

Date & Time:

04.05.2023 | 12:00 pm–1:30 pm (Eastern Time)

Awareness around healthy materials continues to grow—within the architectural industry and product manufacturing community, within our clients’ industries and the mind of the general public. Materials matter. They are the fabric of our built environment. A growing body of environmental health research has shown that building materials often contain chemicals known or suspected to be hazardous to human and ecological health. As designers, we have the potential to impact material health outcomes by making fundamental changes to our design practice.

Join Mithun associate principals Hilary Noll and Annie Rummelhoff, landscape designer Tammy Lee and material specialist Taylor Tessmer-Mogan, for “An Integrated Approach to Material Health in Affordable Housing” to learn about opportunities to further the use and prioritization of healthy materials in affordable housing. The discussion will focus on the firm’s interdisciplinary approach to design for health frameworks, internal and external processes, and strategies for implementing and overcoming barriers through a variety of project case studies.

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Date Posted: 04.05.2023