Louisiana Children’s Museum: Designed for Sustainability


ACM InterActivity 2023

New Orleans, LA


Richard Franko, Annie Rummelhoff, Christian Runge

Date & Time:

04.27.2023 | 10:30 am–12:45 pm

At the Louisiana Children’s Museum (LCM), sustainability is paramount, from each intentional design decision to daily practices. This tour will include a deep dive into the design processes and features of LCM that are responsible for its LEED Gold certification, from the front porch louvers to the backyard 9,000-gallon cistern and the many sustainable landscape features on the eight-acre campus. The project was selected for a national AIA COTE Top Ten Plus Award for sustainability and received the global Stephen B. Kellert Biophilic Design Award from the International Living Future Institute.

Join LCM sustainability director Maria Comiskey, Mithun partner Richard Franko and associate principals Annie Rummelhoff and Christian Runge for “Louisiana Children’s Museum: Designed for Sustainability” to learn about campus features and performance, as well as how standards and principles are practiced on site. The project uses sustainable strategies to support children’s learning and regional environmental issues unique to the ecosystems, climate and watershed of New Orleans.

Date Posted: 04.27.2023