Addressing and Overcoming Barriers to Advance Climate Resilience


Washington Coastal Hazards Resilience Network Annual Meeting

Lacey, WA


Laura Durgerian

Date & Time:

05.09.2023 | 12:45 pm–2:00 pm

This event brings together coastal decision-makers, planners, resource managers, researchers and other practitioners for a day of knowledge sharing and partnership-building around the exciting and important work that is currently happening in Washington’s coastal resilience space.

Mithun landscape architect and urban designer Laura Durgerian will participate in a presentation and panel discussion focused on “Addressing and Overcoming Barriers to Advance Climate Resilience.” The session explores efforts that address the problem of limited resources and capacity in less resourced or highly vulnerable communities, and inspire resilience efforts moving forward. Laura will share findings from Mithun’s climate resilience projects including the Sea2City Design Challenge, North Richmond Collaborative Shoreline and Ruston Way Visioning, as well as her research on Equitable Managed Retreat.

Laura’s co-panelists include Kas Guillozet with Bonneville Environmental Foundation, Brian McTeague with the Squaxin Island Tribe and Rynn Lamb with FEMA Region 10. Henry Bell and Olivia Zimmerman of Washington Department of Ecology will facilitate the discussion.

Date Posted: 05.09.2023