AIA 2023 Architecture Firm Award: Mithun’s Mission-driven Approach to Design Practice


2023 AIA Conference on Architecture

San Francisco, CA


David Goldberg, Anne Torney, Jason Steiner, Dorothy Faris

Date & Time:

06.09.2023 | 4:00 pm–5:00 pm

The AIA Architecture Firm Award is the highest honor bestowed on an architecture practice. Every year, the AIA recognizes one firm that has produced notable architecture for at least a decade. Mithun is an integrated design firm that advances positive change through its holistic, interdisciplinary pursuit of architecture. With a deep belief in design’s ability to change people’s lives and connect them deeply to place, the firm embraces its 70-year history of excellence and focuses on addressing today’s critical challenges. In doing so, Mithun carefully balances three crucial outcomes of a successful modern architecture practice: beautiful design, an eager embrace of sustainability leadership, and commitment to the social contract.

Join Mithun partners David Goldberg, Anne Torney, Jason Steiner and Dorothy Faris for “AIA 2023 Architecture Firm Award: Mithun’s Mission-driven Approach to Design Practice” to learn about the firm’s history and key principles that continue to guide the evolving practice: a sustainable design approach that has placed Mithun at the forefront of the green movement since the 1990s; an interdisciplinary practice model and commitment to integrated, place-based design; commitment to center equity in all aspects of practice, including how they work, prioritizing projects with impact and mentorship; and an open-source approach to research and development to ensure widespread use and positive impact.

Kim Yao, principal at Architecture Research Office (recipient of the 2020 AIA Architecture Firm Award), will moderate the discussion.

Date Posted: 06.09.2023